The middle of the week for the win

You should have seen everybody in my history class when I told everybody that I get money from the government every month haha (Studiebidrag). And when I told them that hospital treatment and college are free too most people felt like move to Sweden right away. Gotta love my country sometimes <3
Here is the Sahuarita Mustangs shirt I made with Kiara last week haha.
I have been studying in like forever today. Article due tomorrow for newspaper and like retesting in english (I failed the vocabulary part hehe, since it was a test we could't study for and my teacher was actually really understanding for once haha), and all this other stupid things you know hahah.

Elise is coming over tomorrow, We're gonna go swimming (I need to work out now so I can loose all my pounds before going back to Sweden hehe). I think I might Join Track and Field in february as well, and then I'm gonna work out like two hours every day for like three month! Oh yeah.

Gonna go to bed soon guys. P.E 7.15 tomorrow as usual hehehehe. We're gonna play soccer outside (=Cold), like the mornings are so cold, but then after like two hours it becomes summer again. Weird weather. Ah whatever seeeee yaaaa laaaaater.
Oh by the way, I had the most fun anatomy class ever today. Eegje and I were looking at videos on youtube for our muscle project to find what muscle groups are used for bycyckling. And first we were so on and got everything you know, like they were talking about the hip and stuff, but then they started to say all these crazy anatomy worlds like in a row and we looked at each other and started to laugh soooo much. We watched the same video like three times and laughed as much each time. Can say we didn't do that much anatomy that class, heheh, but it was worth it.
goodnight sleep tight

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